The amazing people who make us look good!

Just a small selection of the wonderful images and video taken over the past ten years.
The real stars are the guys and gals behind the scenes and lenses!

I would like to take a moment to say a massive thank you to
Sarah Wayte :
Roscosphotography :
Rick Taylor :
Eddie Kavanagh :
Steve of Down the Barrel :
Noleen Kavanagh :
Hector Heatwood :
Nadia Gativa : ttp://
Lee Corkett :
Rosewood Photography :
Fiaz Farrelly :
Angel in Art :
Sara Marsden :
Trixie Belle
Ian McDonnell of Lu Cifer Photography :
Askew View Photography :
Michael Nolan Photography
Rory McDermott Photography :
Ian Pelly Photography :



Image by Ross McDermott of Fire De Lis :



Newspapers, Posters and articles featuring Stacey

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