Classes, Workshops and Intensives. Oh My!

As an experienced and passionate Bellydance Instructor, I believe in an approach that gives students positive, constructive ways to learn. I design my lessons according to my students’ needs, with an emphasis on building confidence, developing clean technique and self expression.



Customized Lessons to Fit Your Needs

Stacey offers private tuition at a number of studios throughout Ireland. Your private lesson will be tailored for you and your own personal goals. You will receive instant feed-back; ask questions, suggestions and correction. We strive to create a nurturing environment so you can excel in your own dance style.


Personalized Attention

I specialize in Group Lessons, and know how to reach my students with the right balance of personalized attention, patience, practical training, and positive encouragement. I make learning fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities. Get in touch today to schedule a lesson at your convenience.


From Beginner to Professional

Tundra Bellydance is Stacey's accredited format. This format assumes no prior knowledge of dance and creates a strong foundation for any dancer wishing to move to the next step.

The format includes not just tribal fusion bellydance technique but History of Bellydance, Makeup for Stage, Music Editing, Professional etiquette, Composition techniques and costuming for bellydance. Our goal with this format is to develop dancers with a strong technique, knowledge of the past present and future of our Art form and pushing their own unique style through self-expression.

Our format is forever evolving as
Stacey continually studies with her teachers tribal fusion both here and abroad. Our goal is to make sure that dancers receive the most up-to-date advances in bellydance.


Workshops & Intensives

We hold workshops on specific topics and areas of Fusion Bellydance. 

Our 2019 Topics include:

Datura Style Bellydance
Composition Techniques for building Performances

Fluid Fusion

Thematic Bellydance

Feather Fans for Bellydance 

Serving FACE! 

Producing like a Pro – How to organize and run a successful event.

Touring Dancer: Lessons Learned on the Road.



Personalized Attention

We also offer mentoring sessions for troupes or soloist looking to work on performance technique and acts. Stacey has worked with several dancers in Bellydance, burlesque and fire in Ireland, UK, USA and has choreographed for Miss United Nations Ireland.

Mentoring is Stacey's most cherished aspects of her dance instruction.

“I began Stacey's bellydance class with the worst dose of the fear ever. The first day of class I almost turned back twice. I was unfit, out of shape, tired, stressed, and certainly didnt feel like dancing, nor had I very much dance experience. The first class was a real eye opener as it was both tougher physically than I expected, but more importantly, it was so much easier mentally than I thought it would be. This was 100% down to Stacey's fantastic and gentle way of leading a class and creating a sense of camaraderie, equality and sisterhood in the class. Starting every class with a gorgeous mantra where we all commit to support each other in our dancing really set the tone where people's worry and embarrassment were left at the door. If I couldnt get a move (or lots of moves!), it didnt matter. It was fun trying. I stopped feeling so self concious. By class four I even wore a crop top to class. Considering even my partner hadnt seen my stomach in about 6 months, I'd consider that a breakthough!Stacey brought huge amounts of fun to the class, and her exquisite class notes, beautifully chosen music, kick-ass butt-busting warm ups and her wonderful way of describing the art of tribal fusion made me fall in love with and have an incredible level of appreciation for this amazing art form.”

Ciara O'C - Dublin

“I first got to know Stacey as a great performer - her energy and stage presence really captivated me. Later I found out that she is also a great teacher, which is quite a rare combination to find.
Even as a more experienced dancer I found her classes motivating, challenging and very well organised. She has a great way of making complex things easy and pays attention to every single student, so nobody feels left aside.
She is very supportive, positive and her warm encouragement reminded me again why I fell in love with this dance form ten year ago. I believe that a good teacher is more than just a movement instructor. Dance is a deeply psychological, even spiritual, experience and I believe Stacey is a great example of a caring and generous guide into it’s world.
I would recommend Stacey’s classes to both absolute beginner and experienced dancers, as she has extensive knowledge of the style”

Nadia G - Russia

“I have always loved dancing but a combination of encroaching years with the accompanying back and knee problems put a spanner in my moves. It was with great delight that I discovered Stacey's bellydance course which not only gave me the opportunity to dance again but has helped me stengthen and mobilise my old, stiff joints. The combination of pilates/yoga inspired warm ups followed by fun shimmies and dance routines is challenging but so enjoyable. Stacey is an incredible teacher. Enthusiastic, hugely knowledgable and always totally professional while remaining approachable and delightfully funny. ”

Trina - Dublin

“I have been very curious about Tribal Fusion Bellydance and was eager to learn more. Stacey from Kadri Bellydance had been strongly recommended by some of her students. I was really intimidated going into the first class. But it went away quickly, Stacey is such a kind and warm person. She welcomed us all with a big contagious smile on her face and had genuine interest in sharing her knowledge with us. Same can be said about Ross who always so encouraging about finding our own style. The first course flew by. I am super thankful for learning so much. It was well structured and documented (amazing soundtrack too). Stacey has a unique way to explain and break down complex moves in a super friendly atmosphere. Cannot wait to have a go at level 2!!.”

Karine R - Dublin















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